Observation wheel 45 m

Total height 45 m, 36 cabins with a total capacity of up to 216 people

  • Capacity 216 osob
  • Number of gondolas 36
  • Height 45 m
  • Transport 15-16

Total height 45 m, 36 cabins with a total capacity of up to 216 people. This type of ride is suitable for both stationary parks and as a transportable attraction. The design advantages of the wheel allow it to operate in the most difficult weather conditions. Even in zone 4+.

In the event of a power outage, the emergency system allows the brakes to be released and the battery backup to be used to turn the bike and safely unload passengers.

We consider fully enclosed cabins to be the optimal type of cab for this bike model. These cabins provide a comfortable ride experience for passengers, they are equipped with automatic door openers. The gondolas are accessible to wheelchair users and are equipped with air conditioning.

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    We Geary Power systems Ltd – UK ADIPS safety inspection company, have worked with RIDE Technic on a variety of projects and would recommend them for construction & supply of Amusement devices, quality workmanship, professional service and documentation to the latest safety standards & EN13814, we would have no hesitation to recommend Rides technic for your next project.”

    Paul Geary
    Geary Power Systems Ltd - Rides & Attractions division.

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